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The main world powers are incorporating screens into the equipment of their armies through which soldiers will be able to watch free porn videos. We have tested one of these screens and have come to the conclusion that they contain material from the best porn sites of the world. Want to know more about this topic? Stay with us and you will find out very interesting things. Do not miss it.

General Abraham assures that yespornplease will become a lethal weapon.

General Abraham pioneered the development of this weapon called yespornplease. It is a sniper rifle that incorporates a small screen through which the shooter can watch his favorite porn movies. According to the general this will make the shooter not get bored while working. According to him, the concentration of a sniper is key to the success of any military mission. We have observed several trainings and we can assure you that the performance of the snipers has improved substantially. It is clear that the idea of this ingenious general has been great progress. And many countries around the world are beginning to copy his method.

The sniper soldiers commanded by General Abraham are delighted to be able to carry a yes porn please weapon in their luggage. We interviewed a young recruit and he commented: “I have managed to stop missing the young girls in my village with the yesporn weapon. Now every time I feel like having sex I see a little porn in my rifle and I relax. It is the best weapon in the world”. A veteran soldier also gave us his opinion: “I have always been passionate about serving my homeland. But now I do it even better. To be able to see tits and asses while I shoot my rifle is amazing. An experience I cannot describe in words.”

But you are probably asking yourself this question: “Where do the videos come from to supply the weapons with the freshest erotic material?” That is a very good question. And the answer is very simple. Sex videos are mostly taken from the yespornplease.com platform. This website is very patriotic and has always been willing to collaborate with the national army of its country.

The bitporno and tubegalore companies are also creating screens adapted to rifles.

Very important companies in the porno graphic industry have not wanted to be left behind. That is why both bitporno and tubegalore companies are investing a lot of money in the creation of their own screens that can be adapted to rifles. This is making the market for this new product ever wider. Every month there is a better alternative and prices are stabilizing. This means that all the worlds armies will have access to this new technology. This, according to many geopolitical experts, is very positive for global security.

The owner of one of these two companies, also owner of the world-renowned erotic magazine veporn, Alessandro Corleone has told the media: “We have discovered that porn can reach new markets. First we have reached the homes of millions of people. Now to all the armies of the world. The next thing will be to supply the prisons with the best XXX productions. The porn industry has no limits. We will always have a way to go. And the truth is that he is absolutely right. And it is not like we say it. Global statistics support it.

Many famous porn actresses around the world have supported this new technology in the armed forces. Sarah Banks, a great referent of African porn and amateur porn, has stated that she is proud that her huge tits and huge ass are of help in her country’s military maneuvers. She has also said that she wants to be a reference for soldiers. She wants to inspire them in combat. According to a survey in the troops this girl is the biggest sexual fantasy of many of them. In addition to doing the homeland a great favor, Sarah also wins publicity.

Japanese and Chinese troops will be able to enjoy the best hentai porn.

We all know very well that in China and Japan the porn that is most visible is the hentai porn. And that is why the government of these countries has developed the same screens embedded in the rifles but with a little different content. And the soldiers in these countries are delighted with the measure. Because at last they will be able to enjoy the best manga porn while in combat. We interviewed a Japanese recruit and he said: “In my house I do not have an Internet connection and I cannot see hentai. That is why I joined the Japanese army. Now, besides defending my country from enemies, I can also masturbate with the newest contents of my favorite series”. It is clear that this measure has made many young people want to join the army.

The platform that is cooperating with the armed forces of these countries is called ehentai. Its mission is to provide the latest industry content. The catalog offered by this platform is immense. We have uncensored hentai HD, anal hentai, cosplay, porn comics and many more categories. And is that this website is probably, along with euphoria hentai, the largest of the subject. That is why governments have chosen it as the main provider of erotic material.

We interviewed the owner of the e hentai platform and he commented: “It is a dream come true that governments are finally looking at us. It is a great pride for e-hentai to work at such a high level. We hope not to disappoint anyone and that cooperation will continue for many, many years to come. Being able to serve my country is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Xuan Cheng is a true patriot but we must not forget that his company had a turnover of 5,000 million dollars a year thanks to the cooperation. What we can be sure of is that we are in a time of change and new technologies. What will happen in the future? We will keep you informed.